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2011 STD/HIV Program Report
State of Louisiana, Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health. This report provides detailed information about HIV & STDs in Louisiana. It includes statistics, summaries, and very helpful graphs and charts.

Value Added

Department Of Education Value Added Portfolio Manual This manual was developed by a Task Force with members of LSPA and the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) in June 2010. In this manual you will find information and suggestions on how school psychologists in Louisiana can show their positive impact to school districts and to the state.


Here is a list of apps that school psychologists may find useful for themselves, or may suggest to others (parents, teachers, etc.).

RAAC Tutor

The RAAC Tutor app is the electronic version of the Reread-Adapt & Answer Comprehend intervention, a repeated reading intervention researched for 10+ years. This app is designed for parents and educators. Probes range from grades 1st-6th. The app will provide you with a graph.

Click here to purchase the RAAC Tutor app.

Click here to visit RAAC's website.


BehaviorSnap is a multimodal behavior observation tool created by school psychologists to identify the frequency, duration, and function of behaviors of interest for use on the iPad.

Click here to purchase the BehaviorSnap app.

Click here to visit BehaviorSnap's website.


A classwide or individual student behavior management program that uses a points system, internal data management, graphing, and can email parents progress and specific reward/demerit information.

Click here to visit ClassDojo's Website.

School Psychology Tools

This full-featured app was designed by and specifically for School Psychologists. Some features include intervention planning, calendar, email/print reports with tables and graphs. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Click here to purchase the School Psychology Tools App.

Click here to view School Psychology Tools' Website.

Spanishpsychology Instagram Account

The professional Instagram account of Daniela Munoz, a school psychologist at Kent State University. She is a native-Spanish speaker from Mexico who is passionate about inclusion and social justice. The Instagram account has translated key Psychology terms to Spanish. Her hope is that this can provide some knowledge of the language to other school psycs so they are able to help the Hispanic students/families they serve. She still fully advises that professional interpreters are included at meetings.